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Jun 2, 2010

Students Drinking Bottled Water Following Fountain Contamination

Air conditioning coolant in tap water? Yikes.


Students at P.S. 20 in Queens will be drinking bottled water in class today, one day after dozens became ill after drinking contaminated water from a fountain.
The Department of Education says 74 students complained of nausea after drinking the pink-colored water at the Flushing elementary school yesterday; 71 of those students were taken to the hospital.

Sources say the water was contaminated by propylene glycol, a chemical used in coolant. The chemical, which is non toxic in small doses, likely came from an air conditioning system being installed in a new wing of the school.

Propylene glycol is sweet tasting, which could explain why students continued to drink the water.

Officials say the contamination was limited to the school’s water supply.

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