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rEarth Introduces A Line of 100% Recycled Flowerpots Made from Water Bottles

One innovative company is introducing rEarth, a line of 100% recycled flowerpots made from water bottles. Since only about 25% of plastic water bottles get recycled, the company hopes their new line will help raise awareness and encourage recycling.

If you’ve ever bought a plant at a garden center or grocery store, chances are it came in a plastic pot. Stores and greenhouses prefer plastic because it’s clean, inexpensive, and durable. However, many of these flowerpots contain no recycled material and cannot be recycled, meaning they end up contributing to the tons of plastic waste generated in the US every day—and worsening America’s oil dependence. But a Washington company is aiming to change that in a big way with its new line of 100% recycled flowerpots.

If you’re like 54% of Americans, you drink bottled water regularly. Although it’s no secret that plastic bottle waste damages our environment, bottled water sales continue to rise while recycling rates remain stagnant. Once empty, most bottles get thrown away—even though their plastic (#1 PET) is one of the easiest for recyclers to process. An estimated 60 million water bottles enter US landfills each day, and will remain there, intact, for centuries. On the other hand, a bottle that gets recycled can be used to make a variety of products, including clothing, carpet, and reusable shopping bags.

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