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You can copy the code below and paste it on your blog or website. This will add the graphic below to your site which links back to Bottled Water Matters.

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By copying and pasting the below code onto your Web site, your website visitors will be able to join in support of bottled water.

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By copying and pasting the below code onto your Web site, your customers and page visitors will be able to take action and inform decision-makers that bottled water should be supported – not banned or unfairly taxed.

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Visit our YouTube channel and watch our videos about Bottled Water. Be sure to jump in the conversation by leaving your comments, giving us a Thumbs up and sharing with all your friends. Click the logo below and begin exploring Bottled Water Matters on Youtube.



Featured Videos  

Bottled Water - small water use, big health benefits

This cool video shows how bottled water is a very small and very efficient water user that spares people of billions of calories when they choose to drink water over other packaged drinks.

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