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No ordinary recycled bridge

This recycled plastic bridge we came across(pun intended), is one of the best ideas we’ve seen. We can all agree that the recycling of plastic in any capacity makes us happy. But this footbridge which spans across the Tweed River in Wales goes above and beyond(last pun, we promise). It’s the sheer volume of plastic that is recycled which makes this structure by Vertech, a jaw dropper.

This bridge uses half the weight in plastic of the largest animal in the world today – the Blue whale. That’s 50 tons of recycled plastic! For those less interested in sea life, the weight exceeds that of 10 Blackhawk helicopters. Yes, that’s 10 massive machines made of heavy metal parts – no big deal.

But it’s not all about weight, it’s about the principle. A company who wants to create innovative products that make our efforts to recycle that much more important.

Photo: Vertech Limited

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