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Of All The Issues: Bottled Water?

Tim Philp, writing for the The Examiner in the southern Ontario city of Brantford, questions why the city council debated banning bottled water at City Hall when there were much larger issues (transportation woes, for example) that needed to be considered.

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George Mason University takes the USA Today to task over inaccurate reporting of the risk associated with BPA.  Get the inside scoop here.

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Atlanta Commuters Pick Bottled Water

Well now isn’t this interesting. Bottled water: Healthy? Who knew!?!?

We of course mean that rather cynically. And Atlanta commuters on the MARTA trains understand just as we do: That bottled water is a healthy, convenient option when you’re thirsty…

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Bottled Water - small water use, big health benefits

This cool video shows how bottled water is a very small and very efficient water user that spares people of billions of calories when they choose to drink water over other packaged drinks.

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