Luv Bottled Water

Luv Bottled Water


By filling out the below form, you acknowledge that you drink bottled water and understand that it is a safe, healthy, high-quality product that should remain a beverage choice for all consumers.

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I, the above signed, drink bottled water and understand that it is a safe, healthy, high-quality beverage choice. Bottled water is a modern-day choice because of its convenience and good taste. With bottled water, I’ll always have a source for clean, drinkable water in times of emergencies such as hurricanes, floods, or “boil alerts.”


  • I believe water is a healthy choice and is one of the best means of satisfying my need for hydration. Bottled water has consistency in taste and quality that provide me with a safe, reliable beverage that fits my lifestyle.
  • I choose bottled water when I want a beverage that doesn’t contain calories, caffeine, sugar, artificial flavors or colors, alcohol and other ingredients.
  • I oppose unfair efforts by government regulators to tax or discourage consumers from choosing bottled water as their preferred beverage, which is packaged in a fully-recyclable plastic container.
  • I urge elected officials not to focus on this single product, but develop comprehensive means of recycling as many consumer products as possible.

Lastly, when I drink bottled water, I will be conscientious about recycling my bottles once finished using them.

The Above Signed


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