RFK Jr.: The N.Y. Bottle Bill Will ‘Rot Your Teeth’

Writing in the New York Times today, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls the New York bottle bill, which singled out bottled water, a “boondoggle.”

Kennedy is in favor of a deposit bill so long as it impacts ALL users of plastics and doesn’t just single out one industry. At Bottled Water Matters, we’re typically not in favor of bottle bills, but if lawmakers are gonna do it, the law ought to be fair for all.

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Yay Vancouver! (Barring A Ban)

The wise folks who run parks in Vancouver, British Columbia have decided against banning bottled water. Why? They can’t afford to.

From the Vancouver Sun…

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A Bottled Water Ban Inconveniences A Graduation

Washington University got a taste of the inconvenience a bottled water ban causes during its graduation ceremony on Friday.

The school has a ban on bottled water sales and distribution on campus, which was temporarily lifted for commencement, the St. Louis Post Dispatch said. WashU spokeswoman Sue McGinn told reporter…

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Aquanomy: The Connisseurship of Bottled Water

Woman’s Day magazine doesn’t buy the bottled water backlash. It does, however, buy bottled water, just like the millions of others around the globe who do so. Health or fashion sense, bottled water is the trend these days, the magazine says.

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Florida Bottled Water Tax Grounded

Florida legislators took the right course of action by voting down a tax increase on bottled water, which would have unfairly singled out one of many industries that use plastic packaging. Bottled Water Matters applauds lawmakers for striking this potentally damaging legislation.

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Obama Likes Bottled Water; the HuffPo Does Not

Seems you can’t be the world’s most popular guy and get away with anything these days.

President Obama was “caught,” as the Huffington Post makes it seem, drinking bottled water at the G20 summit in London this week. Let’s say he was drinking a sugar-heavy beverage: would the online newspaper think Obama was saying he didn’t care about childhood obesity?

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Easing Back on Bottled Bans

Was it too difficult? Did it make life more inconvenient? Possibly that too, but the reasons for Lawrence, Mass. schools cutting back its ban on bottled beverages, including water, were worse, according to WBZ-TV…

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