Water coolers: a morale booster?

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the water cooler…it’s gone? Citing budgetary concerns, some corporations are opting to shed contracts with water cooler-delivery companies, the Toronto Star reports. Surely, a dime or two is saved in the process – we can’t argue with that.

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The Ugly (un)Truth

Seems we can’t escape the bottled water backlash even in the movies. In the new romantic comedy The Ugly Truth, there’s two scenes where the discussion touches on how tap water ‘is just like bottled water, except that it is regulated and bottled water isn’t.’

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Really, Men’s Health? Are You Serious?

You’d think that a publication like Men’s Health and its editor-in-chief, David Zinczenko, would be slick enough to call out those few groups that disparage bottled water.

Alas, you’d be wrong…

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A Thirst For the Truth?

Yesterday, the bottled water industry faced a Congressional hearing that, primarily, suggested that bottled water companies provide stricter labeling on their products.

What came out of the hearing was a barrage of misinformation about bottled water, providing the nightly news with a bunch of scary…

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Top 10 Reasons Why Bottled Water is a Good Thing

Chuck Fager may be no David Letterman, but he sure as heck can put together a Top 10 list. (Plus three more, as he notes). Fager, writing for the Friends Journal, rattles off 13 top-notch points as to why bottled water is a blessing, not a curse. His reasons run the gamut of healthfulness to convenience to importance in emergency response.

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Boxed Water? Cool!

The Minneapolis/St. Paul CityPages highlights a cool new product called Boxed Water. Chic, sure, and at Bottled Water Matters we’re okay with boxed water…to a point.

The product inside is still “bottled water.” The difference is the packaging…

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Compared to What?

At Bottled Water Matters, we respect everyone’s opinion on bottled water. But we prefer the opinion be made out of having the right information. Sustainablog.org doesn’t do so this week.

Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, writing for the Earth blog, makes several incorrect claims:

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NY Bottle Bill Not Expanding Anytime Soon

For now, there will be no expansion on New York state’s recycling laws to include a deposit on bottles of water. It’ll cost the state tens of millions of dollars that it needed to balance the budget.

But it would have done so in a rather unconstitutional manner.

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