A Senator lends a voice

In a state looking to protect its waters, Michigan Senator Patty Birkholz steps up to defend those who say bottled water harms the environment. In response to a column by Mike Delp, Birkholz writes in the Traverse City Record-Eagle…

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Bottled Water To The Rescue…Again

At a school in northern Indiana, it’s bottled water in lieu of drinking fountains, and bottled water for food prep. Why? Because municipal water samples tested positive for an unspecified type of bacteria.

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Senationalized Science, Exaggerated Claims

A report that will be released today by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) contains false claims and exaggerations about bottled water products, according to the International Bottled Water Association.

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Bottled Water Gets A Front Row Seat At The Prez And Veep Debates

The only presidential and veep debates the International Bottled Water Association didn’t sponsor this year were the ones held on Saturday Night Live.

Besides that, you could find IBWA’s private-label water – available for free – at the debates in Mississippi, St. Louis, Nashville and New York.

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A Bad Ad

A recent radio advertisement in Miami-Dade, Fla. claimed the public water supply was cheaper, purer and safer than bottled water. Now, Nestle Waters North America is rightfully striking back: it’s considering legal options against the county and testing municipal taps, according to the Miami Herald.

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A Water Bottler Speaks Up. About Time.

Like Howard Beale in Network, owners of bottled water companies are mad, and they’re not going to take it anymore.

You’d probably be upset too if people were saying incorrect, inflammatory stuff about your products – especially if your products are a healthy, safe, and convenient option for consumers.

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