The Bottled Water Industry Supports World Water Day

ALEXANDRIA, VA — This year’s theme for World Water Day 2011, celebrated annually on March 22, is “Water For Cities: Responding to the Urban Challenge.” This United Nations (U.N.) sponsored event is held every year to focus attention on the importance of fresh water, and to advocate the sustainable management of fresh water resources.

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The Slimming of the Bottles

It is agreat to see E, a environmental magazine, covering bottled water in such a fair way.

They did a nice story on the lightweighting of the bottled water industry. Thanks to Kristin Bender for her reporting.

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Weight of Plastic Bottles down for Earth Day 2010

Good news for Earth Day 2010: A recent analysis performed by the Beverage Marketing Corporation shows that over the past eight years the average gram weight of the 16.9 ounce “single serve” bottled water container has dropped by 32.6%.

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Featured Videos  

Bottled Water - small water use, big health benefits

This cool video shows how bottled water is a very small and very efficient water user that spares people of billions of calories when they choose to drink water over other packaged drinks.

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