The Hawaiian tax proposal on bottled water: discriminatory and unfair to consumers

A tax on bottled water has been proposed in Hawaii, similar to one that was implemented last year in Chicago.

These taxes single out an industry that is healthy, safe and provides consumers with a choice over many unhealthy beverages.

Hawaii calls its proposed tax a 5-cents-per-container “surcharge” on bottled water produced or distributed in-state.

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Crossing the city line for Chicagoan bottled water

Last year, Chicago imposed a 5-cents per-bottle tax to help ease a nearly $200 million budget gap.

Not only is this tax discriminatory against bottled water, but the effects of the extra cost can really hurt business in the city, as we see in Eric Zorn’s column in the Chicago Tribune. 

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Bottled vs. tap vs. bottled

The Oakland Press published an opinion piece by Gordon McEvoy outlining the differences between tap and bottled water, along with the differences between bottled products themselves.

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Green is American

NBC says Green is Universal. We hope so, and it’s plain to see Americans are making strides.

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Bottled Water - small water use, big health benefits

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